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Rushing YardsCraig Thompson2,1932003Chris Schmid (Squid)2,187All Time
Rushing TouchdownsChris Schmid (Squid)152011All Time
Receiving YardsSean Persch2,4442008Tyler Schmitt2,003Chad Tyson1,129All Time
Receiving TouchdownsTyler Schmitt262011Sean Persch24Chad Tyson7All Time
ReceptionsSean Persch1642008Tyler Schmitt157Chad Tyson98All Time
Rush & Receive YardsSean Persch2,9352008Chris Schmid (Squid)2,348Tyler Schmitt2,023All Time
Passing YardsBen Myers6,0282010Mike Rice2,122All Time
Passing TouchdownsBen Myers2010Mike Rice14All Time
CompletionsBen Myers2010Mike Rice170All Time
Rushing YardsChris Schmid (Squid)1,1622010Chris Schmid (Squid)905Season
Rushing TouchdownsBen Myers102010Chad Tyson8Chris Schmid (Squid)8Season
Receiving YardsSean Persch1,1522008Tyler Schmitt874Chad Tyson782Season
Receiving TouchdownsTyler Schmitt122011Sean Persch8Chad Tyson6Season
ReceptionsTyler Schmitt752011Sean Persch71Chad Tyson59Season

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