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Company LogoNameCategoryCookie Duration (days)Minimum PayoutPayment MethodLocking PeriodCommission RateCommission SchemeAlexa RankLearn More
NamecheapDomain3050Paypal, check sent by mail, direct deposit by Impact Radius, Commission Junction, ShareASale3020%one off for first purchase2975 Learn More
GodaddyDomain45NAPaypal6010%one off for first purchase191 Learn More
DomainDomain9050Paypal or ACH45 - 6030%one off for first purchase12565 Learn More
NameSiloDomain36550Paypal6010%one off for first purchase9658 Learn More
BluehostHosting90NAPaypal, Wire or ACH45 - 60$65per purchase1055 Learn More
DreamhostHosting3020Paypal97$15 - $200per purchase9312 Learn More
SitegroundHosting600Paypal30$50 - $100per sale6168 Learn More
HostgatorHosting60100Paypal70$65 - $125per sale1616 Learn More
KinstaHosting6050Paypalmonthly payout$50 to $500 10% - for every signup
- monthly recurring commission
7790 Learn More
WordpressHosting30100Paypal4520%first year sales for each client, with unlimited payouts across clients60 Learn More
WPEngineHosting18050Direct Deposit or Check62$200$200 minimum or equal to the first month's payment, whichever is higher9314 Learn More
DomainHosting9050Paypal or ACH45 - 60$85 - $110per account12565 Learn More
BigScootsHosting90??????90%of the First Month of Any Sale51055 Learn More
RunCloudHosting3030PaypalNA$5per RunCloud referral13435 Learn More
ConvertKitEmail Marketing60100Paypal30 - 600monthly recurring12058 Learn More
ConstantContactEmail Marketing45 - 7510Paypal & Electronic Fund Transfer90$5
- per free trial
- per a new paid account
1,071 Learn More
SendinblueEmail Marketing90NAPaypal & Bank Transfer30$5
- per free trial
- per a new paid account blogger programme
9,125 Learn More
MailerliteEmail Marketing30120Paypal4530%both the initial sale and the recurring payments.3,630 Learn More
aWeberEmail Marketing36530Paypal & Electronic Fund Transfer3030%both the initial sale and the recurring payments.2,134 Learn More
GetresponseEmail Marketing120NAcheck (or another pay-out method available in your region)3033% or $100per referred account for Recurring Program for each sale2,460 Learn More
ActiveCampaignEmail Marketing90NAPaypal6020 - 30%monthly recurring16,679 Learn More
EmailOctopusEmail Marketing31NAPaypal30 - 6030%of their initial bill and for the first 12 months of payments24,779 Learn More
ShopifyEcommerce3025Paypal1510 - 20%monthly recurring871 Learn More
WooCommerceEcommerce30100Paypal4520%of all revenue generated8,422 Learn More
BigCommerceEcommerce90NAPaypal & Electronic Fund Transfer30200%

- of the customer’s first monthly payment
- per enterprise customer
7,187 Learn More
CanvaDesign30NAPaypal & Electronic Fund Transfer100%


- order amount for Canva Pro Monthly Subscription
- order amount for Canva Pro Annual Subscription
- order sale amount - New Customer trial
127 Learn More
LookaDesign90NAPaypal3025%of every sale9,972 Learn More
ShutterstockDesign30NAPaypal & Electronic Fund Transfer20 - 30%of customer purchases or subscription139 Learn More
Adobe CCDesign30NANANA85.00%

- monthly recurring of monthly or annual plan
- of one year subscription fee - Annual plan (prepaid):
53 Learn More
Adobe StockDesign3030 - 100Direct DepositNAUS$72


- monthly recurring of monthly or annual plan
- for single purchase
- of one month subscription fee for 3 standard assets a month (paid monthly)
53 Learn More
TypeformFormby link onlyNANANA20%of their subscription for two whole years1,092 Learn More
Google FormsFormby link onlyNADirect Deposit90HK $115
HK $230
- G Suite Basic plan
- G Suite Business or G Suite Enterprise plan
1 Learn More
PaperformForm30100Paypal3020%monthly recurring24,152 Learn More
SurveyMonkeyForm30NA??90$500 USD per eligible referral449 Learn More
FreshdeskCustomer Support90NAPaypal or Stripe30$5
- new lead
- of the deal value when the lead becomes a paying customer
1,631 Learn More
HelpscoutCustomer Supportby link onlyNAAmazon gift card30$100per paid account12,786 Learn More
PurechatCustomer Supportby link only25Paypal3025 - 35%monthly recurring15,735 Learn More
LiveChatCustomer Support12050Paypal3020%monthly recurring18,375 Learn More
OlarkCustomer Supportby link only50Paypal3020%monthly recurring (up to 1 year)21,038 Learn More
FiverrMarketPlace30100PayPal, Payoneer or bank account30Dynamic CPA up to $150 or $10 CPA + 10% RevShare336 Learn More
EtsyMarketPlace30NACheck or direct deposit304%for qualifying sales144 Learn More
99designsMarketPlace6010Paypal & Electronic Fund Transfer30$60 - 100per sale4,148 Learn More
DesignCrowdMarketPlace6050direct deposit, check, or Payoneer30$35per sale9,187 Learn More
EnvatoMarketPlace9010Paypal & Electronic Fund Transfer3030%commission on any first purchase851 Learn More
StudioPressWordpress Tools6050Direct Deposit or Check6035%per sale24,225 Learn More
AppSumoMarketPlace3010Paypal & Electronic Fund Transfer60 - 90100%

- on new AppSumo customer first transactions (up to $50/order)
- on sales to existing customers
12,981 Learn More
WixWebsite Builder30300Manually invoice to Wix45$100per sale196 Learn More
WebFlowWebsite Builder90NAPaypalNA50%of all payments for 12 months7,534 Learn More
WeeblyWebsite Builder120NAcheck, direct deposit, or Payoneer3030%per sale295 Learn More
StrikinglyWebsite Builder120NAPaypal120 (Two-year), 60 (Yearly) or 10 days (Monthly)30%of the first payment of each person you introduce6,179 Learn More
unbounceWebsite Builder9025PayPal or Stripe6020%monthly recurring17,387 Learn More
InstapageWebsite Builder120NAPaypal3550%

- of first payment
- lifetime revenue of self-serve plans
29,203 Learn More
leadpagesWebsite Builder3010Paypal & Electronic Fund Transfer3030%monthly recurring10,024 Learn More
ClickFunnelsWebsite Builder30100Paypal, ACH, wire transfer & check3020 - 40%monthly recurring2,376 Learn More
Sheet2SiteWebsite Builder30NABank tranfer or PayoneerNA15%Lifetime198,931 Learn More
VersolyWebsite Builder60NAPaypal3030%monthly recurring273,200 Learn More
ElementorWordpress Tools30200Paypal30 - 6050%per sale9,849 Learn More
OptimizePressWordpress Tools60100Paypal30 - 6030%

- per Sale on Front End Sales +
- recurring on all account renewal
23,650 Learn More
MyThemeShopWordpress Tools60NAPaypal3055%per sale53,661 Learn More
ElegantThemesWordpress Tools90200Paypal30 - 6050%per sale9,795 Learn More
AffiliateWPWordpress Tools3050Paypal30 - 6020%per sale25,523 Learn More
NovaShareWordpress Tools6025Paypal3020%per sale228,863 Learn More
NodePingStatus Monitoring3030Paypal305 - 40per new account signup649,027 Learn More
StatusCakeStatus Monitoring30100Bank or Wire Transfer3030%monthly recurring110,116 Learn More
CourseraLearning3050bank transfer, PayPal or check9020 - 45%on any eligible purchases280 Learn More
UdemyLearning750bank transfer, PayPal or check9015%per sale95 Learn More
CodecademyLearning1450bank transfer, PayPal or check9025%of any Pro subscription plan1,680 Learn More
SkillShareLearning3010Paypal & Electronic Fund Transfer30$10for each new customer that signs up for a Premium Membership or free trial1,786 Learn More
edxLearning6020Paypal155 - 10%per sale639 Learn More
UdacityLearning30100Check or Direct Deposit50$50 for each person’s first enrollment (first initial payment) into a Nanodegree Program2,164 Learn More
TreeHouseLearning30 - 45NAPaypal & Electronic Fund Transfer15$5.00
per Free Trial Sign-up or
of order sale amount per upgrade
7,721 Learn More
TeachableTeaching9050Paypal3030%monthly recurring872 Learn More
ThinkificTeaching90NAPayPal or Stripe3020%monthly recurring2,660 Learn More
PodiaTeaching30NAPaypal30 - 6030%monthly recurring9,631 Learn More
LearnWorldsTeaching60100Paypal30 - 6025%monthly recurring32,178 Learn More
HubspotCRM90NAPaypal60$250 - $1,000for each new purchase of Starter / Professional / Enterprise481 Learn More
ZohocrmCRM90NAPaypal9015%of the first purchase transaction value328 Learn More
PipedriveCRM3050Paypal3033%of the revenue that the Referred Client generates during the first twelve paying months5,587 Learn More
StreakCRM90NAPayPal or Stripe 30$60 for every new paid account19,714 Learn More
Office365Office3010ACH or PayPal30 - 60$5 - $20per seat129 Learn More
GSuiteOfficeby link onlyNADirect Deposit90$15 - $30per new user, up to US $3,000 per domain1 Learn More
SquarePayments30 - 6050Paypal & Electronic Fund Transfer15 - 45$5 - $35per new account activation2,747 Learn More
BaremetricsPayments60NAPaypal3020%monthly recurring25,545 Learn More
PodbeanPodcast Hostingaffiliate code only10Paypal60$9 - $129for first month paid plan fee3,761 Learn More
Transistor.fmPodcast Hosting30100Paypal3025%monthly recurring37,121 Learn More
BuzzsproutPodcast HostingForeverNANANA$25

for every paid referral or
recurring lifetime commissions
8,188 Learn More
FreshbooksAccounting12050Direct Deposit or Check35$5
- per free trial signup
- per paid subscription
5,255 Learn More
QuickBooksAccounting30 - 4550Check45 - 7510%for every sale188 Learn More
Involve.meMarketing Widget6020PayPal or bank transfer3030%monthly recurring41,373 Learn More
OutgrowMarketing Widget3025PayPal or Stripe3020%
- commission upfront &
- on recurring payments
20,243 Learn More
OptinMonsterMarketing Widget45NADirect Deposit, Mailed Check or Payoneer3720%per sale15,896 Learn More
GetBeamerMarketing Widget30100Paypal3030%of first 6 months in sales27,870 Learn More
SocialPilotSocial Media Marketing6050Paypal3030%monthly recurring12,673 Learn More
SocialBeeSocial Media Marketing9025PayPal or Stripe3020%of every sale made33,710 Learn More
SEMRushSEO3650$50 / $1,000PayPal or wire transfer1540%monthly recurring3,486 Learn More
MorningScoreSEO18020PayPal or Transferwise3025 - 40%monthly recurring141,820 Learn More
KWFinderSEO30150Paypal3030%monthly recurring27,849 Learn More
PlutioFreelanceNANAPaypal3015%monthly recurring43,960 Learn More
BonsaiFreelanceNA50Paypal3025%monthly recurring34,752 Learn More